This just In, I will be participating in Lyon France for PI Days an Electronic Arts Festival

Go To Bee Records at http://beezz.free.fr/packbee03.html

I apologise that the rest of the information is written in French


electronic music and video exhibition

LYON / Musée d'Art Contemporain

20 / 21 / 22 mai 2004


feat. kid acne, yee-king, Pleix, ASPIC, Oldine, X&trick, Switch , Slush, AKROE & KRSN, Sébastien Roux, Sebastian Oschatz (meso.net), Le Gentil Garçon, N-com.user, reuter & belter...


full website is now online!

have fun !


Thursday 20 of May 2004, Friday 21 of May 2004, Saturday 22 of May 2004

14:00 - 18:00 / Free Entrance


Thursday 20 of May 2004

20:00 - 08:00 / Free Entrance


In partnership with the Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art, the collectives BEE Records and Dopebase propose three FREE days (PI-Days) and a FREE evening performance (PI-Night) centred around numeric arts associated with electronic music creation. An exploration of the channels between contemporary art, numeric video, graphic design and electronic music. On the programme, more than 50 artists and musiciens : Kid Acne (Lex/Invisible Spies), Yee-king (Rephlex), X&Trick (Bugklinik), Sébastien Roux (12K/Line/Apestaartje), the collective Pleix, Sebastian Oschatz (meso.net), Le Gentil Garçon, Jan Kopp, Jürg Lehni et Uli Franke, AkroeŠ Venue : Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art


Dans le cadre des Nuits sonores 2004 Lyon, (festival musiques électroniques du 19 au 23 mai) 3 labels lyonnais (Bee Records, DopeBase, Sorcerer Corporation) investissent le musée d'art contemporain de Lyon pour une manifestation: les Pi Days et la Pi Night soit : 50 artistes, musiciens,Dj,Vj, vidéastes à voir, écouter, rencontrer pendant 3 jours et une nuit. (du jeudi 20 au samedi 22 mai) dont : Kid Acne and the ghost with teeth Live (Lex / Invisible Spies / UK) Yee-King - Live (Rephlex / Trash Records) Le collectif Pleix, Thomas Schunke, Frédéric Post, Craig Caudill, Jan Kopp, Didier Torte, Le Gentil Garçon, Shingo Yoshida, Sébastien Roux. Plus d'info dans le dossier de presse (pdf) attaché, le texte à mettre dans l'objet : Festival Nuits sonores/3 jours 1 nuit/Musée Art Contemporain/Lyon


Hello Everyone!! I've had a crazy winter. I started smoking cigarettes real hard and then I quite 2 months later I must have been caving into the pressure of making the exhibit. Despite the Blistering Cold and bad timing Beer Festivals, Some of you came to see me at designSmith. This was my first solo show and I thank you for dropping by.

Underneath Cincinnati: Best of 2003

I have one major surprise on Febuarary 20th. My video Poem "Making Statements" was screened at CAM Cincinnati Art Museum theater. Also Adding to a very delicious hilight, I was the Recipient of an award for Innovative Sound Design. This is an award I share with Chris Haubner. I would like to publicly thank Sarah Mahle and John G. Hendricks for taking something and making it Better. This was really a great festival. check the link page for more information about how you too can submit your films.


January 30th 7-10 pm

Possible Werks:

Video Collage moving still life with Astronauts, Cosmonauts, worlds of tomorrow, and the Utopian dream.

All music composed, and performed by Artemiy Artemiev from his Album Mysticism Of Sound

designsmith gallery

1342 Main Street Cincinnati Ohio 45202




In other news I will be in discussions with DesignSmith Gallery about a show in late Febuary and march 2004. So untill then Environmental Unstruktur will be running At Base Gallery. so Stop by every Final Friday.